MACA is a professional organization supporting Imams in their spiritual and educational development to teach and promote the correct knowledge and image of the Islamic faith.

MACA supports and adheres to the commentaries of renowned Muslim leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, following the noble exemplary human model in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the last and seal of the Prophets, who received the final revelation for mankind, the Holy Quran.

What We Do

The Muslim Chaplain is a spiritual advocate, advisor, religious teacher and program developer of Islamic educational and worship services. They supervise and sponsor interfaith forums, mediation, coordinate small groups and volunteers to facilitate programs. They explain and interpret institutional policies; counsel individuals on life skills, rehabilitation and family matters. They prepare records, budgets, and other administrative task along with inmate supervision and patients’ visits.


  •  The Muslim American Chaplains Association (MACA) and the American Muslim Community Endorsement (AMCE) are deeply saddened and disturbed by the recent vicious attacks levied upon innocent civilians in Paris, France which has claimed the lives of so many and has left numerous wounded. We offer our deepest condolences to the families of the victims throughout the world and to the nation of France. We stand united and committed with all of humanity against such heinous acts of terror.

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